FIU Ligestilling 
Create a series of explainer videos to encourage union representatives to work together for a discrimination-free workplace.

The Danish organization FIU Ligestilling (FIU Equality) asked me to direct and animate a series of explainer videos aimed at starting constructive discussions on how to deal with ethnic and sexual discrimination at workplaces.​​​​​​​
Reference images from the client
Being a partnership between several Danish trade unions, it was important for FIU that the videos portray the types of workers that their target group consist of, and the environments shown were taken from their everyday experiences. 
Video 2 & 3
FIU also asked me to create two more videos focusing on specific cases of sexual harassment at workplaces. It was important that the videos had more time to unfold than the previous one, so the audience could immersive themselves in the personal stories of Marie and Yussef. For that reason, I opted for a more personal tone and style for the animation as well as the music track.

"New Colleague" tells the story of Marie's encounter with a co-worker at her new workplace, who subjects her to sexual harassment disguised as compliments. She is frustrated to discover that her other co-workers also know about his conductment, but noone has done anything about it.

"Colleague Responsibility" tells the story of Yussef who experiences sexual and racial slurs directed at him by his co-workers. He makes several attempts to combat the remarks, but ends up being ridiculed by his coworkers and not being taken seriously by his boss.

To achieve an intimate and personal style, I used a "water paint" effect for the transitions between shots.
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