'Auto Shop' is a film about an old mechanic who takes a trip down memory lane. He finds that certain things may not have changed that much after all these years. The sound design was made by the talented Michael Manky.
In 2023 the film was selected for the Loubens Lauragais Short Film Festival in France.
Style Frames

My initial style frames that set the tone for the film. I especially wanted to have a clear idea of the color palette before beginning.

Character Design
The whole line-up of characters in the film. Trying to hit the right personality for each character was a challenge.

The animatic helped me to figure out the timing and rhythm of the film. It also helped to realise that the flashback transformation scene could be more visually interesting.

Animation Process

These two clips show my cel animation process from rough and clean-up in Adobe Animate, to final compositing in After Effects.

Early test of the "fake 3D" turning of the old volkswagen beetle made in After Effects.

For more behind-the-scenes videos check out my YouTube channel where I've made a playlist covering my process making this short film: 

Thanks for watching!
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